Tuesday, 28 January 2014


Since coming back to uni this term, a lot of things have changed. My perspectives have been massively challenged and my relationship with God pushed forward into a new stage. It's always a journey, but this has been a massive step. (And my blog is going to undergo changes to reflect this- so watch out!)

This is a prayer that I intend to pray daily from now on. And mean it.

Today, I pray:
help me take my hands off my life
Today, let me be a sacrifice
My every thought, action or word
every pause, silence and submission
be not for myself but for YOU
And only you.
You, Jesus, died for yourself so that I might live.
I pray, today
I would die to myself so that you might live
in me, on this earth.

I intend to say that daily, because I know now that living the christian life is a hard-core commitment that you have to make FREQUENTLY in your heart. It's a life of apologising, accepting forgiveness, widening understanding of just how amazing that grace is that we can have, that we can even BE forgiven (!) and loving God more because of it, in your heart, in your life, with gratitude and obedience.  Every. Single. Day.

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